Youth Net: Where Molding Starts

The youths are the ones who are vigorous to fulfill their dreams and ideas. They can change what has been done and has not been done by the people who take the society for granted. The youth are labeled by Dr. Jose Rizal as the hope of our nation. That hope is still there waiting to be rekindled if they truly observe and do their parts. But there’s a great news. God has given His only son, Jesus Christ, to save and revive what we once have.

In Life of Truth Church, the youth serves as the existence of Life of Truth Church. Boosted by the Holy Spirit, the energy comes from the group of the youth. Their goals are to know of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, to respond to Christ in a personal commitment of faith and follow God’s will, help them to develop a meaningful devotional prayer life and to be an example in Praising and Worshiping the Lord in spirit and in truth. Inspired by the Word of God, they are more than willing to serve others and to serve the church. The youth leads the praise and worship teams of each local. Before performing on stage for God, a series of rigorous trainings and practices are done weekly because first of all each one should posses the right heart of worship—one where God is the center.

Moreover, the youth ministry has their own mentoring schedule where they do their weekly sharing and monitoring. A special core group of leaders are formed to innovatively create godly activities which will definitely elicit their interest in God and in serving. One of these is the Concert-for-a-Cause executed by some locals. Youth Gatherings every month serves as their evangelism strategy for the youth who haven’t known Jesus Christ yet. Youth Camps are also organized yearly which serve as the big gathering of the youths coming from all the locals of LTC. This is usually done in a way that will inculcate teamwork, perseverance and trust in God in their young minds.

The youth is the one in-charge of the usual preparations for the anniversary of Life of Truth Church every November. They are the next generation of leaders that is why the training they are getting as early as now is groundwork to being effective and efficient leaders.

There are also youth cell group and some youth leaders handle their own cell groups. The youth are also encouraged to attend the Encounter God Retreat and the Re-encountering with God trainings to have their focus set in serving God and God alone.

Truly, we are serving an amazing God who made the heaven and earth, that He can change us from the inside out. There’s nothing we can do without Him. All things are possible with the Lord.