Kidzone: “The Kingdom of God Belongs to Them.”

One of the main focuses of Life of Truth Church is the children and through its Kidzone, these kids are being brought closer to God at an early stage.

Every Sunday, it has become part of each believer to go to church with the entire family united to praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. The parents and guardians leave their children to volunteers and facilitators to be able to concentrate in the Sunday Life Celebration and be free to glorify God’s name.

At Kidzone, different activities are administered for the kids ages five to 12 years old. Children’s attention span easily slips away which is the main reason why specially crafted activities are designed to catch their attention. More importantly, these activities are carefully created to instill in their early minds the love of God for them and their responsibilities as His children.

Through prayers and thanksgiving, each Sunday at Kidzone starts by asking for God’s guidance and protection. This is usually followed by a welcome activity which aims to check if everyone had a wonderful week, to greet each other pleasantly and to meet the new comers. This is done to make them feel comfortable all throughout the service.

The lesson proper will then proceed. Through stories in the Bible, the facilitators will introduce the Bible characters and their stories to the kids. Visuals are prepared to catch everyone’s attention. Most of the time, videos and AVPs are already readied to supplement the lesson and make it more remarkable that will surely last in their fresh minds. Just like in school, after the lesson, paper activities will be distributed to check if the children learned something. These activities include anagrams, cryptograms, mazes, word search, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, memory verse and the likes. Supplies like pencils, erasers, crayons are also provided.

Different games also await the kids ranging from mind challenges up to the physical aspect. Just like what the world said, everything in life should be balanced most especially in the children’s lives.

There are also monthly children presentations wherein the kids are to showcase their talents to the entire church including their parents and families. These are done for them to develop and discover their passions, explore new things and learn to dedicate their talents and abilities to Christ. The activity also aims to remove them from the shell they have created and to build their confidence as an individual. This will also serve as their outlets to let their emotions flow freely and to know that it is God who gave them all that they have got.