Iron Men: Real Warriors of God

From the beginning, after God created the heaven and earth, He created man. God envisioned them as the head of the family, role model in the community and a good servant for God’s ministry. The main objectives of the father group of Life of Truth Church are to develop a servant attitude, to equip men to become more like Jesus, to act with confidence how to become an effective leader and a role model to their family, as well as in the community.

The dads in the Life of Truth Church are all committed to lead their families to serve Christ. Called as leaders, they bring their families in the Life Celebrations, other prayer activities and cell groups during the weekdays.

Aside from the physical arrangement every Sunday, the dads have their own group who are assigned as prayer intercessors and prayer warriors, in weekly devotions, in leadership trainings and in special numbers.

They encourage their fellow fathers to stand up for God and have Him as the center of their families. As what the scriptures say, “As for Me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” They are really passionate to show the manifestation of this scripture into their lives.

Through follow-ups and visitation, these fathers bring God closer to every family, believers and unbelievers alike. Further, it has been their commitment to bring new souls each Sunday to attend the celebration. These souls are added to the list of their children by the Spirit.

It is now the time that the fathers in our society must have boldness to show what it means to be a man of God. To prove that if you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, nothing is impossible to follow Him, to serve Him to the fullest and to bring back all the highest glory to Him.