First Ladies: The Light of the World

As what the world says, moms are the ones to light every home. Without them there’s no contentment inside the house. Our moms always plan and assume great things in the household every day and without them our days seem so heavy and dull. Like what the Bible says, moms are worth far more than rubies. God made them to have a great force into the lives of people around them.

So as with the moms who serve in Life of Truth Church, they are not just the light but the salt in the world, molded to inspire and motivate. They provide spiritually-based information which inspires, renews and enhances the lives of women. These groups are the front-liners of the house of worship when it comes to inviting and welcoming new attendees. With their brilliant smiles, hundreds of souls are being gratefully received in the church.

Aside from that, these moms are trained to be servants of Christ by heart. As workers, they prepare things to be used each Life Celebration including the tithes and offerings materials, communion items, and the likes. They set their weekly home cells and some are already home cell leaders who handle particular home cell schedules.

In some locals, the moms help the praise and worship team, the finance group and the youth for their monthly gatherings and for children ministry; the moms prepares the food for the feeding program.

The moms of Life of Truth Church are not getting exhausted in the ministry but are inspirations towards other moms to sincerely commit their lives to the body of Christ: to show what God has done into their lives; and to prove that moms can be examples of productive and motivated ladies in the society.