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LIFEOFTRUTHCHURCH.COM is the online portal to nurture, empower and experience life at its fullest with God: a life of abundance, a life of blessings, a life divine health, a life of  protection, a life of favors— a life with GOD! “LIFE” comes from the Greek word ‘zoe’, used 134 times in the New Testament to indicate eternal life. Life, as what we all know and experience, is the best gift God has bestowed to humanity. It comes from His Spirit that made the human being a “living soul.”  Though the thief’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy, God’s purpose is to give life in all its fullness (John 10:10).

Life at its fullest is definitely a life being lived with God. This site is an online 911 and S.O.S. spearheaded and administered by the Life of Truth Church (LOTC), a local ministerial Church which offers services all throughout the globe by introducing God to people.

One hundred and one percent composed of warriors of God, the men and women of LOTC come from different sectors of the society who went through life in service to God and are able to build a personal and intimate relationship with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ.

For more than thirty challenging years, these people of God went through tough roads toward serving God, but because of the drive and motivation, they focus their eyes on Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and at the right goal, which is to glorify God above all.

Life of Truth Church is a congregation that has been in the ministry for more than fourteen (14) years now. Through this site, LOTC is prepared to spread the Word of God; help people in need spiritually and through life applications; win souls and make disciples; and to be one of the help sources online.

About Me

Mission, Vision and Goals

To Bring People Closer to God

To see an exemplary Church moving in the revival—with emphasis on Praise and Worship and proclaiming the steadfast Word of God.

To encourage every believer attain his/ her leadership qualifications in a short period of time through the Ladder of Success.

About Me

Our Pastors/Boards

  • Rev. Ricardo Bon
    Rev. Ricardo Bon LOTC-Tanza
  • Rev. Cora Ortiz
    Rev. Cora Ortiz LOTC-Hongkong
  • Rev. Susan Bon
    Rev. Susan Bon LOTC-Tanza
  • Rev. Jaime Bisente
    Rev. Jaime Bisente LOTC-Zambales
  • Rev. Ramon Gatchalian
    Rev. Ramon Gatchalian LOTC-MANILA
  • Rev. Rowena De Chavez
    Rev. Rowena De Chavez LOTC-CAVITE CITY
  • Rev. Helen Iblasin
    Rev. Helen Iblasin LOTC-LAS PIÑAS
  • Rev. Rodel Guinto
    Rev. Rodel Guinto LOTC-JAPAN

A Brief History

A Time Throwback

It was November 11 of the year 2001, when the first gathering of The Life of Truth  Church Inc. were held at seven (7) different places as  local churches in Cavite City, Laguna, Las Piñas City, Sta. Mesa Manila, Pasay City, Quirino Province and Tanza Cavite, Philippines.   Indeed, it was a breakthrough in fulfilling the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to speak the same in the power of the Holy Spirit.

With the two hundred fifty one (251) membership, eleven voluntarily engaged themselves as Board of Trustees, representing the Pastors and Elders of the different local churches,  in the registration of this religious organization. The Securities and Exchange Commission, issued the Certificate dated December 4, 2001.

Through the years, the Church continually geared towards it’s vision, “to see an exemplary Church moving in the revival – with emphasis on Praise and Worship and proclaiming the steadfast Word of God”, and the realization of it’s mission “to bring people closer to God” with the purpose of “winning souls and making disciples of all nations” .

It’s detailed goal is “to make every believer a leader in the gift or gifts entrusted to each one by His Maker”; thereby establishing one another  to love God and His people as well;   and responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit to live a changed life of peace, prosperity and passion in touching the lives of the lost and equipping the Saints for His ministry.

Currently, The Life of Truth Church, Inc. is being presided by its President and Senior Pastor Rev. Ricardo B. Bon.  It has nine missionary and local churches both locally and internationally with the help of the Men and Women of God, whom He has called for His Glory!

Our appreciation is for God the Father, His Son our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit our Great Comforter!!!

Send us your Prayer request and we will include you to our prayers.